About Me

Welcome to my blog! My name is Carmen Hong, and this is my online journal where I share about my travel experiences and delicious food hunt adventures around the world ( & mainly in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore) .
If you’re looking for ideas on where your next adventure would take you, you’re in the right place! In this blog, you’ll uncover places off the unbeaten path and eat at places which are worth every calories intake. 
I believe we have one life to live, and I live mine to the fullest possible. And that’s why, I travel, eat and photograph. This blog is a cumulation of my interests, penned in classy website.
Every place, countries I have visited is selected after thorough research have been put into it. The same goes for the food I eat during my travels and every other non-travelling day.


How did it start?

Like how most things do, it was from my high school days. It was in the early 21st century and having a blog was what the cool kids did. The blogs served as a purpose to read each other accounts of school. And, for me that naturally evolved to an outlet to express my feelings. 
Years later, as I transitioned from the angsty teenager to a young adult, I started a new blog which is current blog you’re reading now! If you went through my older posts, you can probably see how my writing style and photography have evolved over the years. 

who am I?

I’m a Malaysian who grew up in the capital city, Kuala Lumpur and in 2018, I moved over to Singapore, where I currently reside now. 
I’m a photographer, using the Olympus EM10-MKII. My subjects are mostly food, as I hope to immortalize what delicious looks like.  
Carmen Hong
Photos in this pages are taken by talented friends I have whom are also photographers alike. Main picture by Robin Wong and from left to right; Chen Kang, Calvin Seak and Tim Ching.